Sky Realm


Sky Realm is a mythical setting that blends contemporary, fantasy, mythological and science fiction themes into a single curious creation. Statecraft, magic, technology, human nature and the hidden nature of reality come together to in a strange drama that is intended to both entertain and invoke thought. While the scope of Sky Realm is vast it's primary function is to provide a place where characters, be them mundane or fantastic, can interact with their world to sire all manner of stories. Stories spun in Sky Realm are action-packed adventures, political thrillers, mystical dramas, war stories or classic romances. The scope is large and has something to appeal to the varied tastes of whomever takes in this work.

The mythology and universe of Sky Realm has been in development for nearly ten years and has gone through many dramatic changes. Sky Realm is a blanket term for a number of interlinked worlds, the primary and most cultivated being the planet Panthea. Panthea is a planet that has been eternally altered by a primordial cataclysm. Where in most worlds the sea divides great lands in Panthea it is the vast sea-sky. Humankind has built their civilizations upon great islands that sit upon ancient stone stalks. The great stalks of humankind's islands are rooted to a lifeless and scarred earth that long hid terrible mysteries.

While many races once thrived upon Panthea, now is the time of humankind. The human race has come to inherit the earth, but ancient forces have emerged from the shadows to fight for supremacy of human civilization. Every person - peasant to emperor - has a role to play in the fate of Panthea. Will the world succumb to nefarious forces that seek a dark path for humanity? Or will the people of Panthea overcome the forces that seek to control them and collectively determine their own future?

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Jeff Beach, Author / Creator

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